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Fri, 18 Jan 2019


Now living in Minnesota (by way of New Jersey, Illinois and Wisconsin), Jules Scott is finally living her childhood dream of broadcasting about things she loves - gaming, all-around geekery, and advice. Jules is the Business Manager for Signals Media LLC, working with Pat Krane of Convert to Raid. She is also the guild leader for the Convert to Raid guild on Aerie Peak-US, and the events manager for the annual CTR Party at BlizzCon in Anaheim, CA.

Jules also covers Blizzard gaming on Convert to Raid presents: The Battlenet News, HGC recaps on Battlenet Sports and Nerf This, and chats about life with her friends Jocelyn Moffett and Nevermore on Slaying Demons.

Jules is also a chainmaille jewelry designer, avid Heroes of the Storm esports fan, and kitty mom.


Raised in the Arkansas delta, Marconin grew up doing impressions and voice accents. While attending college for Broadcast Journalism, he took a podcasting class on a whim and discovered how to marry his passions for gaming and radio. In WoW he collects mounts, and raids on his gnome mage in the Convert to Raid guild. He's even been known to play bass trombone every once in a while.


A weekly podcast hosted by Jules and Marconin, Tauren Think Tank focuses on the interpersonal issues that Blizzard gamers experience both in-game and in their outside lives. This show is an audio advice column, where listeners send in their questions asking for help about anything from interacting with other players to managing depression and social anxiety. Come sit by the fire, meet new friends, and know that you're never alone! Questions can be sent to questions@taurenthinktank, or send them through Twitter: @TaurenThinkTank, @JulesRPG, and @MarconinWoW.

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