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Fri, 18 Jan 2019

Tue, 31 Jul 2012

A release date has come from the heavens above; Rem reveals who won the bro-hug bet; Alludra the Mage joins us for Tell Us One Thing and talks Pet Battles on the beta; a follow-up on the pros and cons of 25-man raiding; The Tillers is live in beta; the joys of Symbiosis; Rem's mom is a big fan; we answer listener questions from a female gamer who deals with guildies crushing on her, a new guild member who has found himself leading his guild's raids while the RL is absent for summer, and a dilemma between a player and her GM that has loyalties being questioned.


A weekly podcast hosted by Jules and Marconin, Tauren Think Tank focuses on the interpersonal issues that Blizzard gamers experience both in-game and in their outside lives. This show is an audio advice column, where listeners send in their questions asking for help about anything from interacting with other players to managing depression and social anxiety. Come sit by the fire, meet new friends, and know that you're never alone! Questions can be sent to questions@taurenthinktank, or send them through Twitter: @TaurenThinkTank, @JulesRPG, and @MarconinWoW.

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