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Fri, 18 Jan 2019

Fri, 09 Feb 2018

Tonight’s Discussion Topic: As esports becomes more popular, is the divide between esports fans and traditional sports fans widening? Does using “sportsball” as a term for traditional sports make us even for the power struggle and status differences between “jocks and nerds” from when we were kids, or are we just making it worse?   Be a part of the show by sending your Tell Us One Thing questions, feedback, and requests for advice to questions@taurenthinktank.com. Slash Moo, everybody!

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A weekly podcast hosted by Jules and Marconin, Tauren Think Tank focuses on the interpersonal issues that Blizzard gamers experience both in-game and in their outside lives. This show is an audio advice column, where listeners send in their questions asking for help about anything from interacting with other players to managing depression and social anxiety. Come sit by the fire, meet new friends, and know that you're never alone! Questions can be sent to questions@taurenthinktank, or send them through Twitter: @TaurenThinkTank, @JulesRPG, and @MarconinWoW.

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